Transfer stickers make it easy for even the most intricate designs

Our Transfer Stickers offer an affordable and striking means to make your design stand out. Whether you're applying them as product labels, vehicle window stickers, storefront signages, or event decorations, their seamless, no-background appearance and 3D raised surface give the illusion of a design printed directly onto the surface.

These transferable stickers maintain professionalism while enhancing clarity and readability of the artwork or text on your designs.

How Transfer Stickers are made?

Pedals Uvdtf Transfer Stickers are made using the advanced UV Direct to Film (DTF) printing method and UV-curable ink. They boast a unique 3-layer structure: the protective backing layer (A film) to hold everything together, the vibrant sticker layer, and the transfer tape layer (B film) to transfer the sticker design to the final surface.

Step-by-step to apply Transfer Stickers

To apply our Custom Transfer Stickers, simply remove the backing layer and affix the remaining layers to your desired surface. After firmly rubbing the sticker to ensure a secure bond, peel off the transfer tape, leaving your design seamlessly adhered to the surface as if it were printed directly.

Custom Any's Transfer Stickers features:

  • Precisely cut to the shape of your artwork.
  • Brilliant, full-color printing that brings your designs to life.
  • A raised surface and 3D effect, delivering a professional appearance.
  • Resistant to wear and tear, waterproof and microwavable

The possibilities, however, are limitless. Our versatile UV DTF Transfer Stickers can be applied to a variety of objects, effortlessly transferring words or patterns to surfaces with durability that supports both indoor and outdoor use. For optimal results, apply them to sturdy, flat, and relatively smooth surfaces such as plastic, glass, and metal.